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Most fpv drones tend to look the same except from certain prop designs and colors so it was about time someone challenged the standard concept of designing racing drones.

Well Walkera did just that with a gem that is the Walkera F210 FPV.

It doesn’t just hold the title of the best FPV racing drone in the looks category alone. The performances of this drone are, if not the best, a serious contender in the plug and play class of modern racers.

It’s extremely powerful, yet equipped with control modes that even complete beginners can learn to fly on.

Build and Setup

This thing is simply a beauty!

It’s futuristic and innovative, yet slick and tough. Built primarily out of carbon fiber and with its stunning “Bow” design body, the structure of this quad can take a beating like no other.

The 4 brushless motors running this beast are packing 2500kv of power rounding its weight just under 400g for an impressive outburst of speed.

So how hard is it to control and fly?

Designed with the standard equidistant axis it offers better agility and is easier to fly , even for newcomers.

The Walkera F210 FPV is equipped with the latest F3 flight system making it extremely easy to set up and adjust to the racers needs.

5.8Ghz video transmission, modular design and ultra long distance mushroom antenna (over 800m) all match, or are well above, the competitors standards.

If that’s not enough we should mention the included camera has 1M pixels, a 120° super vision lens and offers high-definition night vision for seamless flying during the night.

The runner also comes with the Walkera Devolution DEVO-7 ergonomically designed controller which really complements the drones flying capabilities. It’s one of the best controllers one can get in drone packages and is really a joy to use.

FPV goggles are not included but we definitely recommend getting them with the drone for an absolutely transformative experience:

The package includes as follows:

  • Walkera F210 Drone
  • Walkera DEVO7 Remote Control
  • F210 OSD
  • 700TVL Camera
  • Walkera 14.8V 1300mAh 40C 4S Li-PO Battery
  • Walkera Charger
  • User Manual
  • Original Box


It takes about 20 minutes to get this little beast in the air straight from the box.

Skipping the hard part of planning and assembling a competitive racing drone it is guaranteed to get drone racing close to the masses and the general public.

The Walkera F210 FPV is an amazing entry level racing drone and will have you satisfied in every aspect, from racing and acrobatics, up to the point you want to completely build a drone from scratch.

The price tag for a rounded package and performance of the Walkera F210 FPV Racing Drone is really a unique occurrence on the current market.

This racer has every characteristic of a serious racing drone and boasts a design like no other.

If you would like to race an amazing drone as well as stand out form the crowd than getting it really is a no brainer!




Easy installation and setup
HD camera with night vision
Extremely tough carbon fiber build
Slow support
No extra battery
No extra ppropellers

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