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Looking for an affordable entry level drone to get the idea of what drone racing is all about?

Well, the 35$ Hubsan X4 has to be the go-to drone for any beginner looking to start drone racing without much of an investment.

Despite the low price tag this little drones performance is anything but cheap. It’s extremely fun to fly and easy to get the hang of!

Drone racing looks like a breeze but the actual drones seem a bit tricky to put together and properly use.  What about the hustle of assembling it and setting it up?

The Husban X4 comes with a one piece main frame that can fit a palm. With batteries included it takes a beginner no more than 5 mins to set it up but it does require some patience to properly calibrate for smooth flying.  It can easily be done on a flat surface and by making small trimming adjustments during the first flight.

Setup and Flying

This thing is easy to use and captures the fun of drone racing like some of the pricier fliers!

The material and the finish are surprisingly good making it quite durable at surviving some serious crashes. It does buzz a bit but for a thing this size it just gives to its character and makes it easier to track while flying in large open spaces. Being seriously responsive and small you can also fly it indoors and, because of the built-in LEDs, during the night. The range of the transmitter is more than acceptable and you will probably lose the drone out of sight before losing flight control.

So this is just a beginner drone and will probably get old pretty soon?

Actually no, there are two modes of flying the Hubsan X4, expert and normal, making it an easy starting drone as well as offering some pretty advanced flying techniques like doing flips and acrobatics. This also reduces the learning curve from a complete beginner to someone who handles drones with ease.

It’s an entry level racing drone, no doubt, but it’s  perfect to get the feel if this really is something you would invest more into.

On the other hand it can be just an amazingly fun hobby for kids and adults alike.

For details on setting this little thing up, flying it and buying the best improvements take a look at the video below:




The standard package offers everything you need to start flying, but as with everything, certain things can be done to improve the overall experience.

We recommend buying extra sets of batteries because the ones supplied feel lackluster if you feel like flying longer sessions. They last up to 7 mins and take at least half an hour to charge.

Drones often fall and crash. It’s a routine no matter who’s behind the controller. That’s why even with factory assembled drones like this one there are replaceable parts that tear more often than others.

Be sure to order a guard if you are just starting out or buying it for your kids. Expect to have to replace your propellers from wearing them out after some heavy flying.

The Hubsan X4 has  a nice selection of upgrades and replacement parts so that shouldn’t be a problem.


This a drone we would recommend as a starting point for anyone entering the amazing world of racing drones, be it just for fun or with an eye set for something more.

With everything said the Hubsan X4 Quadcopter really is a bang for the buck solution for anyone looking to give this amazing hobby a try.

It might not be the best racing drone out there but it’s cheap, durable and offers all the essentials for getting the feel of what drone racing is all about!

The 35 dollar version of the Hubsan X4 comes without the FPV camera but luckily there is also a version with an integrated one and will cost you around 149$, you can find it HERE.




Extremely cheap
Easy to set up
Easy to fly
Short lasting batteries
A bit small to follow for begginers

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