Holy Stone F180C Quadcopter



If you are looking for a durable, beginner friendly and affordable drone the Holy Stone F180C Mini RC Quadcopter is certainly one of your best possible options. It’s a high quality, easy to use drone with all of the features you need, such as its great camera and excellent range.

Build and Setup

The Holy Stone F180C is made up of high quality materials that look high-end and blend together perfectly making this little thing extremely durable.
The drone also features excellent controls; besides the usual up, down, and side to side, it includes options such as “trim” to make up for drift when the drone is hovering. Users can also select from four levels of control: 25% for beginner flyers all the way up to 100% for experts.
This quadcopter is capable of completing impressive looking 360 degree flips due to its smooth, steady flying capabilities and 6 axis gyro calibration to stabilize. The drone’s maneuvering abilities make for an excellent flying experience that we highly recommend for beginners looking for their first contact with the drone racing world. It also comes with a return home mode that is handy when the quadcopter loses its orientation and needs to fly back in the direction of the transmitter. Due to the drone’s fantastic technology, it is also self-leveling on all axes except the vertical. In addition, using multiple drones simultaneously is not an issue because there is no interference between the transmitters.


The 1280×720 pixel camera produces fantastic pictures when the drone is stable. It also includes bright LED lights that make night flying not only possible, but an amazing experience.
This package includes the drone itself, as well as a bonus stock battery and 12 extra blades to increase the flight time. In addition, the transmitter has an LCD display making control of the flight features a  breeze. This drone also comes with a protective cage which you can remove, depending on the speed you want to fly and the level of protection you want to have.
The offer also has a couple of special deals currently in place; with the purchase of this drone, you can receive a free battery charger or free batteries.


If you are looking for an entry level racing drone we highly recommend this mini quadcopter due to its function, makeup, and capabilities. It is easy to fly and comes with multiple levels to satisfy flyers who are looking to improve their skill, from complete beginners to actual racers capable of handling themselves on the track. The Holy Stone F180C Mini RC Quadcopter is, without doubt, one of the best racing drones in it’s price range and category.




Sensitivity modes
Bonus stock battery
Bonus 12 blades
7 minutes of flight per charge
Camera too sensitive to low light
Extremely light

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