Why you should give drone racing a try!

It’s new, it’s exciting, and it’s showing up everywhere: drone racing.

This growing phenomenon has taken the world by storm. It has transformed from a backyard hobby into a something that can be now considered as an organized professional sport. While everyone has been busy playing their favorite fantasy sports or maybe even taking up a similar interest in e-Sports, drone racing has been making a name for itself around the country. Now, ESPN has joined in on the racing craze and they will begin broadcasting official tournaments beginning on October 23rd.

Does drone racing get your blood pumping, too?Ever wondered how you can join in and maybe become the next Richard Petty of this futuristic sport?

Here’s a short guide to help get you started.

Know the Basics

Drone racing is more than about purchasing the best racing drone and beating your competition on pure speed alone, you’ll need to start out slow, unless you have the bank account to throw away thousands of dollars on replacement parts and/or drones.

Have you piloted a drone before? What about a FPV racing drone?

There’s a big difference between handling your standard DJI Phantom drone and a fully-fledged racing drone, but it is a good idea to start out with a cheaper drone that may not win you many races to avoid taking risks because you invested all your money into your setup.
Purchasing an FPV racing drone is important for learning how to race on a competitive level; you need to learn how to pilot a drone inside the cockpit, which is what makes this sport so exciting in the first place.

Prove your Meddle

After you get the hang of racing on your own and with your friends, you shouldn’t wait too long before joining in the fray and getting some local racing titles under your belt.

The excitement of drone racing really lives in the thrill of the chase.

Positioning becomes a new factor to account for, but FPV drone races really come down to discipline and track knowledge.
You will also become a lot more knowledgeable about the parts that make up your drone racer, as you will undoubtedly be replacing them a lot more frequently when you start racing competitively.

Luckily, there is plenty of free information online and you will likely form many new friends along your journey.

Grow as a Racer

This is a big reason why drone racing has exploded on the scene of competitive sports, similar to e-Sports.

The community is extremely friendly and inclusive.

You will find a ton of resources if you decide to take your hobby out of the backyard and onto the circuit. You can find professional tutoring and classes, you can join a racing team, and, if you become skilled enough, you can even get your own sponsors to turn your hobby into a serious career. Who knows? You may even get to compete on the national level on ESPN!

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