The best racing drone videos on YouTube

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner in the world of drone racing or a seasoned veteran behind the controller  for you to appreciate some of the finest shots and maneuvers posted on YouTube by the community. Check out this list of the most amazing videos that show us why we love and enjoy drone racing and why it has taken the world by storm!

FPV Racing – Crash Session!!!

Seeing your drone crash is obviously a pain but seeing it in on video doesn’t hurt nearly as much. Check out some of the crashes from this amazing racing session through the woods:

The Sport of the Future

This Drone Racing League’s trailer is truly a statement of what the future holds for drone racing:

Drone Show Korea Final

Turn down your speakers because video show how close drone racing is to real Formula 1, considering speed, handling and sound:


Racing your drone is just one of the thing you can do with these amazing machines, check out how an expert performs out of the race track:

Left Behind – FPV

A session with indoor and outdoor maneuvers, from huge open areas to tight indoor quaters:

Fast Fright Friday

Underground garage speed runs, what more could you ask for:

FPV Drone Racing from Moving Car

Controlling a drone from a moving car never seemed so easy:

Drone vs McLaren in Dubai

Watch a high end drone perform alongside one of the most popular super cars:

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