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Trying to enter the amazing world of drone racing can be bit of a hustle for the average Joe looking for some high adrenaline FPV fun.

Luckily, there are manufacturers and products, just like Hobby-Wing’s ARRIS FPV 250, designed to get you into the air right out of the box.

If you are looking to give drone racing a try, be it as a hobby or a serious venture into competitive flying, this racer is the definitive first step!


Hobby-Wing combined amazing quality props from their range and hit quite a jackpot. The ARRIS FPV 250 might be the ideal entry level flying kit for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable building a drone himself/herself from scratch.

This 250 class quadcopter comes completely assembled and tested but it’s not quite ready to fly out of the box. It lacks a radio set, a  battery and,  most importantly, an FPV system.

The standard package includes as follows:

  • 1 x ARRIS FPV250 Racing Quad Frame
  • 4 x ARRIS 1806 2300KV Brushless Motors (2 CW + 2 CCW) (ASIN: B00V7ZIZ4K)
  • 4 x ARRIS 12A Brushless ESC (ASIN: B00UL3DIGO)
  • 4 x ARRIS 5030 Propellers (2 CW + 2 CCW) (ASIN: B00VDYAJ0S)
  • 1 x CC3D Flight Controller (ASIN: B00U3BHN38)
  • 1 x 700TVL 2.8mm Camera (ASIN: B00U2CBOKQ)

Build and Flying

What makes the ARRIS FPV 250 so special among the numerous competition?

Starting from the carbon fiber mixed with glass fiber frame you get to see why this racer stands out in it’s price range.

This thing is light(161g complete frame weight), sturdy and, most importantly, it can take a beating that a beginner might put his drone through while learning the ins and outs of the racing trade.

For this setup we suggest getting 2200mah batteries which will secure you just over 10 minutes of flying time.

The camera mount on this comes with a vibration damper for more clear and stable videos making the video have close to zero transmission delay and excellent quality.

Equipped with really powerful 2300KV brush-less motors and specially designed carbon fiber and nylon propellers it flies like an absolute beast for a 250 class drone.

That being said, with great power comes great responsibility. Meaning you should probably get a spare set of propellers which are the first one to go after imminent crashes at high speeds that this drone reaches easily.

Since it comes assembled right out of the box you are probably asking if there is any way it can be upgraded?

This drone is prebuild but has standard plugs and wiring compatible with most accessories.

This means it can easily be modified, from upgrading the motors, to changing the camera and propellers. It’s a perfect fit for anyone looking to start racing and is also interested in the building and designing side of drone racers.


It’s easy to see why The Arris FPV250 is the first choice of most beginners as the entry level racing drone.

The built quality, performance and the small price tag have earned it the title of one of the best racing drones in it’s category among most of the professional as well as user reviews.

We have to agree on that, as this drone flies like no other for the price. The only problem is that it lacks certain items to be a complete “ready to fly” package but it’s compatibility makes it easy to find the missing accessories on your own.

Still, if you are looking to start racing, and by that we mean reaching serious speeds and doing crazy maneuvers, than this is the drone you are looking for!




Sturdy build
Camera with a mount
Lacks radio
Lacks batteries
FPV not included

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