3D Printed FPV Drones

There is a new trend emerging in FPV and is definitely something you should look out for if you are a seasoned racer or just another drone enthusiast. 3D printing has become huge and now it is spreading into the world of drone racing.
Building, or should we say printing, your racing drone has never been easier and the benefits are simply huge!

3D-Printed FPV Racing Quadcopters

Every racing drone has the same parts it needs to function but unfortunately not all, like the motors and electronics, can be printed. The ones that wear and tear easily are exactly the ones we can print at home cutting our flying costs significantly.
Accidents and crashes become less of a pain when your spare parts are just a print away.

Add in the coolness and the pride of being able to build something yourself from scratch and you have a perfect and exciting combo.
Flying and racing your own creation is definitely a special kind of feeling that can’t be matched with that of flying a drone straight from the production line.
Printing drone parts allows some pretty hefty testing of different prop dimensions and their effectiveness.
This makes for a great way to learn the ins and outs of drone racer building and design!
Printed drone are usually somewhat aesthetically different then the kits that are currently on the market. This makes them more modular and easily upgradable.
So if you are a beginner and would like to build drones instead of just flying them then trying to print one yourself might be a good start. It really is simple as it sound. The community around 3D printing is well established, the guides are extremely detailed and, most importantly, they are completely free.
What you need is ,of course, a 3D printer which shouldnt be a problem to find since they are found in most educational institutions or can easily be rented.
Below are some of the simplest and most popular 3D printed FPV drones, click on the pics for the complete guides:


As close as you can come to factory drones when it comes to looks, the firefly not only looks amazing but also comes with foldable arms.

Micro 105 FPV Quadcopter

As small as they get, a beautiful and simple micro racing drone with a printable frame and a thorough list with other suitable parts.

H Quadcopter

A great printable frame with a lot of space for all the extra equipment you need for a complete FPV experience.

Printed drones might not be the best racing drones out there nor will they become the next industry standard. What they are excellent at is giving a new dimension to FPV drone racing.
They extend what is already an interesting and complex activity adding another layer of depth and personalization that most of the factory drones are missing!

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